So who am I, owner of Homegrown Tomatoes?  And why am I writing about growing tomatoes?

The short answer is that I was tired of those plastic-tasting tomatoes in the grocery store — yuck!  I wanted tomatoes that actually tasted like tomatoes, and to get them, I figured I’d have to grow my own.

The longer answer is below.  🙂

My Name is Gail and I Love Tomatoes!

I’m Gail Nettles, the owner of this site, chief writer and tomato-tester (meaning I love eating the ripe tomatoes).  Here’s how I got started on my tomato growing journey.

Let’s see, about 16 years ago, my husband (David) and I moved into this house.  We have a bit of land, so I figured it was time to grow myself a garden.  Not only for the great-tasting produce, but also I wanted to grow my veggies as organically as possible.

So I read and read and read more about growing vegetables.  And since tomatoes love a warm climate (South Florida is indeed warm), they caught my interest.  So I started perusing the seed catalogs and haunting the garden shops for different tomato varieties.

Wow!  I had been used to a red tomato, with the occasional yellow, but I didn’t know they came in so many colors and shapes!  Black, striped, green (even when ripe), orange and purple are just a few of the colors.  And there are round, oval, square (yes, square) and banana-shapped tomatoes.  Sizes?  From teeny-tiny micro-cherry sizes all the way up to whoppers that you have to hold in both hands.

So, I was hooked on tomatoes and tried growing all kinds.  Determinates, indeterminates, hybrids, heirlooms….they were all fair game.

Along the way, as I shared some of my bounty, friends were asking me how they could grow their own tomatoes.  After trying to tell them a few times, I figured that I may as well share my knowledge with everyone.

So, welcome to Homegrown Tomatoes!  Glad you could stop by, and I hope you enjoy your stay here.  Come back often, send friends, link to me…just get the word out on how easy it really is to grow vine-ripe tomatoes!