And the Winner of the First Tomato Is….

The plants haven’t been in my winter/spring garden very long — between 4 and 1 weeks — and I have my first tomato(s)!  So which variety gave me tomatoes first?

Tiny Tomatoes

Husky Red Cherry 2016 03 06I do want to clarify, that these first tomatoes are just the tiny ones — the first fruit that have set, and not ripe ones.  The contest is still open when if comes to who gives me the first ripe ‘mater.  But for the time being, I am just happy that I have the bare beginnings of the eventual harvest.

Recap — Who’s in the Garden?

As a reminder, I have the following tomato varieties in the garden.  Not all were planted at the same time, so I’ll list them in the approximate order that they were planted, and the number of weeks they’ve been in their containers.

  • Big Boy (4 weeks)
  • Early Girl (4 weeks)
  • Better Bush (4 weeks)
  • Big Beef (3 weeks)
  • Red Beefsteak, 2 plants (3 weeks)
  • Black Cherry (3 weeks)
  • Husky Red Cherry (3 weeks)
  • Juliet (2 weeks)
  • Cherokee Purple (1 week)
  • Isis Candy Cherry (almost ready for transplant to the garden)

Better Bush 2016 03 06Most of the tomato plants are doing well.  The two biggest by a pretty large margin are Big Boy and Early Girl — likely because I planted them in the Earthbox (which really does seem to grow plants better than anything for me).  The Red Beefsteak plants win the contest for bushiest indeterminates — they are lovely.  Both of them are in grow bags.  Well, the majority of my tomatoes are in grow bags, but I do have a few in regular containers.

The straggler is Black Cherry.  For some reason, this plant hasn’t done much of anything since transplanting.  Which has really surprised me, as I expected it to kind of take off.  But, it’s only been three weeks since it was transplanted, so I guess I can cut it some slack.  😉

The tomato with the most problems is Juliet.  For some reason, it keeps wanting to develop rust spots on the leaves.  I have it well away from the other tomatoes, and it seems healthy otherwise.  I plan to give it a spray with some organic fungicide and see if that helps any.

The First Tiny Tomato Belongs To…

Husky Red Cherry (photo at top right of the post) gets the prize for giving me the first visible tomato.  A day behind was Better Bush (above left).  In flower are Big Beef, Early Girl, Big Boy.  All the rest, except Cherokee Purple and Black Cherry have at least buds (although I do see baby buds on those two).  The Isis Candy hasn’t been transplanted to the garden yet, so they don’t count at the moment,  😉

The race is on — who will give me the first ripe tomato?  My first guess is Husky Red Cherry, since there is less fruit to grow — Better Bush has 3 inch fruits, compared to Husky Red Cherry’s 1 inch fruits.

The next race is for which of the bigger-fruited tomatoes will give me a ripe tomato.  I already have a post about Big Boy and Early Girl — but will either of them be the winners?

Time will tell!



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